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Molly's poster

Thursday, July 30th, 2009  10pm
Molly Malones
575 S. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90036


Yes, my friends, my wonderful newslettery pen pals, we do indeed have a happy problem on our hands.  (Pun intended.)  I have officially become too busy to write the monthly drizzly, streamy, weirdy, bloggy newsletters.  So I am making this your final notice.  (For those of you who’ve recently signed-up for the happy problem mailing list and have no idea what I’m talking about, fear not – you are in the right place and it will feel right very soon, I promise.)

Yes, the Queen of Snarky is ending her reign here in the newsletter world.  This is mostly due to the happy fact that the happy problem are getting busier and busier.  We have two new members; the totally-awesome John Watson on drums and the fully-awesome Dee Castro on bass, we’ve just recorded THREE NEW SONGS which you can take a listen to on our Myspace page, we’ve finally woken-up to the world of Twitter so you can keep up with us there, and we’ve been putting more gigs together and making more plans this summer.  It’s good to be busy!

Da boyz in da studio

(John, Dee, and James crooning for me in the studio…)

AND!  ALSO!  Part of the reason I’m so busy is because the Punky Chef has BLOSSOMED suddenly, and while THIS bloggy thingy is retiring, THAT bloggy thingy is THRIVING!

Punky Chef banner

Yes, all of my snarky energy is going straight into The Punky Chef Attacks! blog.  So you see, it’s a HAPPY PROBLEM because you can still enjoy the randomness, the self-abuse, the unmatched WIT… you just have to do it OVER THERE, instead of over here.  From now on, we will be keeping things over here short, to-the-point, and informative.

Don’t worry, it’s not going to read like the airplane safety manual in the seatback pocket in front of you.  I could never be THAT boring.  But for the sake of our new happy problem fans, (and my sanity, if I have any left), I’ll be reigning it all in.  No more waxing philsophical about Victoria’s Secret, no more emotional tirades about “Brokeback Mountain,” and no more obsessive chronicles of my love for Green Day.

Oh– and no ….more flagrant animal pictures.

Snarky Cat

Fine, except that one.

dinner dog

Okay and that one, too.

Funky Ham 280

People, please.  I’m trying to be serious.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “But I don’t like to cook.  I’m not going to read some cooking website instead of these newsletters.”  Ahh, but that’s where you’re WRONG, my friends.  Because the Punky Chef Attacks! is not just about cooking.  It’s about the glory of FOOD and all of its parts (that sounds dirty) and it’s about being a rebel and a creator and a total effing SNARKY FOODIE.  I mean listen, if you survived my Ugly Handbag Tirade, if you stuck with me through my phase of driving all over the country at 60 mph to honor Al Gore, if you enjoyed my investigation into the true nature of boysenberries, THEN YOU WILL DIG THE PUNKY CHEF!

And, if you like to eat, I truly believe you will also like to cook – just let me at’cha and I’ll have you whipping up 3 Bean Beer Chili and Red Pepper Sage Cheddar Cornbread in no time!  Humming a happy problem tune all the while…

So, if you live in Los Angeles, we hope to see you at Molly Malone’s next Thursday, July 30th, and we hope you will bring all of your friends, not for our sake, but for YOURS.  Because once your friends see what great and cutting-edge TASTE you have in music, they will elevate you to a social status so high, you will need a telescope to see them back on Earth.  Take THAT, Buzz Aldrin.  (But we love you, Buzz Aldrin.)

And for those of you in the rest of the world, (and yes, Los Angelinos, there is a rest of the world), you can LISTEN to our music anytime at our Myspace, Facebook,, iLike, and CD Baby pages, you can WATCH lots of videos of the happy problem at our YouTube site, you can create a happy problem “channel” on Pandora Radio, and you can BUY our music at iTunes and CD Baby.  See?  It’s not that you’re losing a Sam, it’s that you’re gaining a happy!

And with that, I must do the dishes (Punky don’t got no dishwasher), put in my earplugs, (there’s a car accident about every 7.5 minutes outside our window in Hollywood – Um, hello?  Can anyone say LEFT TURN SIGNAL?), and sigh a deep, happy sigh, knowing that it’s not you, it’s me, we just need some space, and we can still be friends.



See you out there!


Sam (& James & John & Dee)

Punky Sam