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photo by Brooke Bowman 


photo by Brooke Bowman


Ahhh, yes, a day in the sun in West Hollywood!  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who donated to the AIDS Walk for my journey today.  I stretched out my muscles, did a couple knee exercizes, made a great open-faced pesto-parmesean fried egg sandwich for breakfast, (jealous?), slathered on some SPF 48, donned my – appropriate – AIDS Walk 2006 sunhat, and headed over.  My friend Brooke joined me at the starting gate, and we caught up with each others’ lives as we walked, drinking the free water, rockin’ out to the occasional band planted on the occasional corner to raise our spirits, and staring at the Laker Girls cheerleaders, who stood on the corner of San Vicente and Santa Monica, looking not so much supportive and enthusiastic, but bored, uncomfortable and obligated, in their tiny purple and black sweatsuits.  

Frickin’ Laker Girls.  Never seen such tight hineys.

Interpret that any way you want to.

Brooke and I also cooed at the free dogs everywhere, (okay, the dogs themselves weren’t free, but it was free to look at them (and coo over them), and even that was pretty great).  And we discussed the merits of the TV show “Mad Men,” as well as the many ways in which we feel violated and annoyed by the TV show “Californication,” (though we both agreed the music is awesome), and I then launched into a long oration about the Nickelodeon show “iCarly,” and how I became completely addicted to it recently.  (I was staying at a friend’s house with a complicated TV set-up, so that when I finally did get the tv and cable and SOUND to work together, it was an iCarly marathon, and I was so afraid to touch any more buttons, I just sat there for hours, quickly becoming fully engrossed and totally addicted.)  

Then we switched to movie reviews, Brooke talking about “Rachel Getting Married” (much thumb-upping from Brooke), and both of us discussing “Beverly Hills Chihuahua,” which we saw together recently, and which I loved.  And then I talked about seeing Michael Sera in a coffee shop yesterday and being utterly hypnotized by his innocent (and literal) total-geekiness.  It’s not an act, folks, I can tell you that.  Let’s just say his pants cuffs were nowhere near his sneakers, and I didn’t know you could get a backpack to fit that tightly and sit up so close to your neck.  How adorable is he?

And then, important issues settled, Brooke and I began to earnestly chase after the dream–

The dream, Sam?  You mean the fundraising goal?

No, not that dream.  Although we did raise over $500, which in these horrible times is pretty damn great, People!  But no, that is not the dream I’m referring to–

Oh – you mean the dream of finishing the walk in record time?

No, not that either.  Though I did finish, knee and all.  And I am now recording the fact for you.  Get it?


No, I’m talking about the dream of FREE FOOD!  Yes, by keeping a sharp eye out during our travels, Brooke and I were able to score Larrabar Bars, an orange, Chewy Granola Bars, strawberry chocolate ice cream cones, Fritos, Doritos, cookies, yogurt, and even CHOCOLATE.

Well, okay, it was actually just a chocolate Larrabar Bar.  But hey, was it tasty.

Is it a Larrabar Bar?  Or just a Larrabar?  

And so thank you again to everyone who donated – I know I make it sound silly and like it’s all about puppies and ice cream bars, but seriously, YOU have DIRECTLY helped the world by contributing to the coming END of this horrendous virus.  When you think of all the people we’ve lost to AIDS, both personal and public, it is truly devastating.  And the fact that despite research and education, AIDS and HIV continue to spread and take lives all over the world, means we still have so far to go and these events mean so much.  It turns a silly, sunny day in West Hollywood into an Earth-impacting event.

And you can STILL donate!!  Just visit and get’cher groove on!  (Okay, at least get’cher credit card on…)  You can do it right there for $25 and up, or you can print the form out from the website and send in a check for ANY amount.  And believe me, EVERY amount is very appreciated!!


photo by Brooke Bowman

photo by Brooke Bowman

(You can also just click on this picture and it will take you right to the fundraising site – clever, eh?)

And see how happy I am with the Certificate of Completion and all the free stuff?  See how much people love free stuff?  It’s really a great motto to live by.  Even though sometimes people get too much free stuff, and then people have trouble holding all of their free stuff, and they start to drop it–


photo by Brooke Bowman

photo by Brooke Bowman

–and then people’s friend Brooke decides it would be better just to forget the free stuff and do a victory shot:


photo (again) by Brooke Bowman

photo (again) by Brooke Bowman

BUT, sometimes people decide that that’s boring, and better to get a good, solid, FIST PUMPING victory shot:


photo by a very tired and hot Brooke Bowman

photo by a very tired and hot Brooke Bowman

And then people’s friend Brooke decides she is way too tired and sweaty to be standing here one more second taking pictures of people, so she hands the damn iPhone back to people, but not before people insists she take just one more picture of people with her free stuff.


photo, for the last and final damn time, by Brooke Bowman

photo, for the last and final damn time, by Brooke Bowman

And then we headed home, satisfied with our days’ work and a bit achy in the knees.  And here I am!

So again, thank you ALL for helping me out with this.  And stay tuned for more news on the happy problem very soon.  We have our first few shows coming up already and we are even going SHOPPING together on Tuesday, so we will be lookin’ FINE for all you wonderful folks when we hit the stage!  Check out for sneak preview pics of the guys…

And don’t forget, you can download our first single, “Happy Happy Happy” for FREE atthe myspace page, and at many of the other links up the left side of this here blog page.  AND, a new installment of my F.O.O.D. column is almost ready!!  Get out ‘cher tastebuds!

love and walking, 




(And while you’re at it, visit the happy problem too!)


aaand, begin: 

Yes, it is I, back from the dead.  Okay, not really dead perse, but recovering from knee surgery.  Yes the old Shaber had some arthroscopic knee surgery this summer – first I had to learn how to say “arthroscopic”, and then they stuck it to me.  Literally.

And so for the past several weeks, I’ve been doing single heel raises and planks and lunges and bridges and something called a “hot plate” which is much less exciting than it sounds.  I’m sporting two cute purple dots on either side of my right knee, and I am the proud owner of a series of photographs of the inside of my patella. 


photo by Remy Shaber

photo by Remy Shaber


Okay, that is NOT a picture of my patella, that is me on a moped in Rhode Island recently, but I just wanted to show you people, you lively, wonderful, stubborn people, how much more fun it is to read this newslettery thingy in its new, BLOG form.  You can do this just by going to  And then you can enjoy the fact that I have titled the blog SAMINATING SHABERMURS, which let’s face it, sounds like something kinda penis-related, so that’s pretty funny.


THEN!  If you feel comfortable once you get there, you can SUBSCRIBE to it, and you’ll get notices in your email box when a new “episode” is up and ready for your viewing pleasure, just like you’ve been getting these newsletters from me all these years!  Except NOW you’ll get them with the AWESOME PICTURES – like THIS ONE of two BUNNIES wearing HATS:

See how GREAT that is??  And how about THIS one:

Okay that one’s just silly.  I mean, really, people.  There are no words.

And don’tcha love the column on the left, there?  It has everything from great links about the happy problem to a little biography.  AND I am launching a brand new feature page in that there column as well – SAM’S FAVORITE OFF-BEAT OFFORDABLE DINERIES!  (F.O.O.D. – get it?)

Oh god, Sam–

Oh yes, many of you know I love food, and more of you know I love CHEAP food, and when I find the perfect combination of both, I just can’t keep it to myself.  So on this here bloggedy doo, I will be frequently adding to my F.O.O.D. list.  

<<<<<<<<<<  In fact, you can check out the very first posting right now!

And if that’s going well, I might add a WALKING AROUND LOVELY KORNERS (W.A.L.K.) page, describing my fave places to wander all over this country, or a FAVORITE SUPER-EASY RECIPES page, (don’t even try – no initials on that one), or…  Well as you can see, the BLOGGIBILITIES are staggering!

How could you not subscribe now??

It’s all part of the new-and-improved world of Sam Shaber, the world of MORE COOL WEB THINGS, the world of NEW SONGS and a NEW BAND.  In fact, it’s almost a PROBLEM that there are so many great new things going on.  You might even say it’s a HAPPY PROBLEM.  Oh – I slay myself…

Yeah, we know.

And along with the new fun webby things for you, we have also released the FIRST SINGLE from the happy problem, appropriately titled “Happy Happy Happy.”  (I promise, not everything I ever do from here on out will include the word “happy” – but just indulge me for now…)

We also have a CUTE video to this song!!  You can watch the video RIGHT HERE IN THIS BLOG if you are viewing it at


AND, you can buy that song at iTunes, or you can DOWNLOAD IT FREE at one of these awesome, incredibly lengthy websites:

And you can watch the video, link to it, share it, lick the screen when it plays, ANYTHING you like, at these sites:

Ahem, to continue…

So, here in Kneeland things are looking up.  The swelling is almost gone, the range of motion is almost returned, and – best of all – I went on my first BIKE RIDE on Saturday!  (And then I went on my second bike ride on Sunday, and my third bike ride today, and…)

So, I feel that I must CELEBRATE my return to knee health with something big.  Something exciting.  Something downright FABULOUS, you get me?

Soooo, I will be doing the AIDS WALK on October 19th!  Yes – what a better way to show off my new non-limp but to parade it all around West Hollywood on a Sunday!  And I can see it now: I’ll casually STROLL up to the registration desk, like I hadn’t a care in the world (or a knee problem), and I’ll sign-in, just like everyone else, and then I’ll get some FREE FOOD which they always give you, and probably a hat or something, and then I will take my place among all the other perfectly ambulatory humans on Santa Monica Boulevard and I will begin… step… step… step…

And a handsome young walker will turn to me and say, “Wow – you are a great walker!  Where’d you get that awesome style?  I love the way you put full weight on your right leg as you come down and then it’s so cool how you straighten that knee joint all the way as you shift weight to the other foot, and then your follow-through when you pick your right heel back up again – OH! – words just can’t do it justice!” 

And this walker will start to shout with inspired glee at my incredible form, and call others over to witness and then we will WALK together, with grace and strength and the knowledge that for billions of years–


–what?  Oh, sorry.  I got a little carried away there.

No, really?

Well it’s just very exciting and I’m sorry.  It’s not like I just WALK around all the time, okay?  Well, okay, I do walk around all the time, but I don’t get to walk to RAISE MONEY for AIDS RESEARCH all the time, now do I?

No, we suppose you don’t.

Ha-hah then!

Okay you’re special and marvelous and we worship you.

THAT’S a little more like it!  Finally you people are starting to see my point.

Um, yeah.  So we also assume you’re going to ask us for money at some point in this presentation?

OH, right.  Yes, well, there is that part, yes.  And I KNOW this is the worst time in the history of ever to be asking for money.  And I KNOW that many of us have already been doing copious amounts of walking, thanks to the insane price of gas these days, but I am here to tell you, —


Well, no I’m here to ASK you–

Uh-huh?  Get on with it.

Well, if you could just spare a few bucks for this really great cause, I would be so amazingly thankful.


Yes.  Amazingly thankful.

And perhaps would you say MARVELOUSLY?

Oh, yes!  Marvelously thankful!

SO, then perhaps you would say that WE are SPECIAL and MARVELOUS and that you WORSHIP US?

Well, let’s not get carried away here.

Fine.  We’ll see you lat–

OK YES!  YOU ARE SPECIAL AND MARVELOUS AND I WORSHIP ALL OF YOU!  I DO.  AND TO SHOW MY TRUEST LOVE FOR ALL OF YOU, I AM OFFERING TO WALK FOR YOU!!  Seriously, you don’t even have to get out of your chairs or your tubs or your BEDS!  You can help change the course of this disease without ever lifting a FINGER because I will do that FOR YOU!

Oh wait – no, you do need to lift a finger, because you need to actually DONATE for me to be able to walk for you.  SO, if you want to limber up your fingers a bit, here is the website you can visit to make said donation, and then you can pour yourself a cup of tea and sit back with a big, happy sigh and feel really good about yourself because YOU are a special and marvelous person!

Well, that is quite a sales pitch, we must admit.

YES!  So here is the website… ready?

Yes, yes, ready already.  JEEZ.

(And now, for those of you reading this at, here are the pretty pictures – oh, and they’re also LINKS!  So click on them and see where they take you:)



There you have it!  You can make donations online of $25 and up, or you can print out the little form and mail in a donation of any size.  And I’m totally serious when I say that ANY AMOUNT IS APPRECIATED!  If you give $5, I will walk you!  If you give $2, I will walk you!  If you give $100, I will maybe even SKIP you!

Wait– that came out wrong.

My goal is to raise $1500 and so far I have about $300, so there’s a ways to go.  Think of it as therapy – maybe not retail therapy so much, but let’s call it KARMA THERAPY!  Yes!  The world might be nose-diving around our ears, but we can still take care of a few things and feel a little lift in our lives!

If you want, you can imagine that with every step, I am squooshing Sarah Palin’s smiley face!  If you go the other way, you can pretend each stride is a yank on one of Obama’s ears.  Whatever you like!  We can even bring Ross Perot back into this fantasy – I DON’T CARE! 

Ross Perot, Sam?

Yeah, I was just waxin’ sentimental about old Ross the other day.  Whatever happened to him?  I mean, other than getting his own personal sidenote in the canon of American history, which perhaps is all he wanted anyway, let’s be honest.

Doesn’t Ross Perot sound like a sparkling wine?  Maybe from the Loire Valley region?

I don’t even know if they have vineyards in the Loire Valley.

Here’s another pretty picture for those of you reading this at

photo by Julie Guest, Sweet Tea Photo
photo by Julie Guest, Sweet Tea Photo


See how great this is?  I’m not even going to say what that picture was – you people will just have to go to–


Oh do you?  Because I don’t think you really do.  I don’t think you really understand how great this whole BLOG revolution is, people.  I’m talking about not only pictures, but MUSIC too!!  Like for instance:

Happy Happy Happy

Okay that’s not the best way to do it, but it DID get you to a page where you could get the song for free and also listen to it.  Pretty cool, eh?

And in happy problem news, we will soon be playing out on the West Coast (sorry East Coasters – we’ll be working our way over to you as soon as possible, I promise!) and we’re excited to have the debut CDs finished!  We’re not sure of the release date, but we will definitely keep you posted.  Maybe even HERE:

Oy do I know how to belabor a point, or WHAT?

We are also in the market for a webmaster to do our new official website, so we appreciate all suggestions!

AND you can listen for us in a few new exciting places!  MTV has been licensing happy problem tunes for everything from “Cribs” to “The Hills,” and we’ve also just been told they’re using a song on the new CW show, “Privileged.”  We’ll try to let you know when we have airdates and channels for these.

And that, my friends, brings us to the end of this debut BLOG performance.  For those of you braving the strange new world of WordPress, I salute you.  For those of you back in the dark days of text-only email, well, what can I say?  Best to put it in PICTURES:



Have a great SHOCTOBER SHABERBABER and hope to see you out there!