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Come party with us in Santa Barbara Saturday, June 13th, 8pm.  All ages welcome!  Playing with great band, Martyrs.  

Muddy Waters
508 E. Haley St.
Santa Barbara, CA  93103

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BEFORE WE START: This new email format is rockin’ my world, as you can tell, but I learned the hard way that these emails don’t forward with the pictures in them.  (Arghs.)  SO, if you’re forwarding this missive to a friend, might I suggest that instead you send them to our BLOG page?  Then they’ll be able to read it all for themselves and see the purty pictures too!

And now we begin…

Yes, it’s that time again.  Time to sit at your computer, grab a cup a’ joe, (or a pint a’ bitter might work better for this experience), ready your hand on the scroll bar, and squint at this screen for the next ten minutes.  Ahh, yes.  It’s that time when I regale you with tales from my inner-mind, with subjects so utterly random and facts so useless that you can nary help but say, 

“Why?  Why do I read this thing every month?  Why do I lock my office door and turn off my phone so I won’t be disturbed as I pore through this endless drivel?”

You will also wonder, 

“Is that the correct spelling of “pore” in this context?  Because I feel like I always see it spelled that way, but really it makes more sense to spell it “pour,” as in “pouring over” something.”

And mostly you will ask yourself,

“Why don’t I have anything better to do right now?”

Well people, I can’t help you there.  But I CAN say that I’m glad you’re here with me, to spend a little time each month, to hear about all the goings on of the happy problem and everyone’s favorite snarky gal, the Punky Chef, to watch me fight with myself and with imaginary you–

We’re not fighting with you, Sam–



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HELLO!  I’ll be back to you soon with news of the happy problem and more of the frighteningly random thoughts from my brain that you all seem to love(!), but FIRST!

We’re very excited to announce this years’ winner of the Maribel Garcia Community Spirit Award – Cornell Senior Joran Sequeira.

Joran Sequiera

Joran Sequeira

The Maribel Garcia Community Spirit Fund awards one Cornell student each year for making “a remarkable contribution to the spirit of humanity.”  Our goal is to honor our late friend by “thanking” those who creatively invest emotion, respect, and learning in the community of Ithaca, immediately around them, and from there out into the world community.  Previous recipients include Ding Kong (’07) who created cooking classes for inner-city kids in an effort to promote self-empowerment and healthy lifestyles, and Jessica Houle (’08) who worked with low-income families in the area’s mobile home parks to bring education, environmental awareness, and the arts to the residents, and thus build a strong feeling of pride and possibility within those communities.

In thinking about our late friend Maribel and the indelible, unique spirit she projected in life, which still remains now after her death, we are happy to present the 2009 Maribel Garcia Community Spirit Award to Cornell senior Joran Sequeira.  Joran has brought her vision and leadership to the Cornell Elderly Partnership (CEP), working passionately to dissolve the stereotypes and stigmas placed on the elderly and to promote better understanding, respect, and appreciation for this important segment of the human population.  

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