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Click hear to see our name on the CORRECT playlist!

Click here to see our name on the CORRECT playlist!

SUNDAY, MARCH 15: Well kudos to 98.7 FM in Los Angeles for having the very good taste to play our first single “Happy Happy Happy” on their New Music Show tonight, (coming after such little-known bands as U2, Depeche Mode and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), but they got our name wrong! We are certianly not happy people now! Ah well. Still very exciting to share the airwaves with Bono…


Tune-in tonight to LA’s  STAR 98.7 fm at 9pm for their New Music Show and check out the happy problem’s first radio air-play!


And 9pm is ALSO the time we’re playing at Spaceland this Wednesday.  Doors are at 8, admission is $8, but REPLY HERE to get on the $5 guest list with all of your friends!  And we’ll be followed by lovely ladies Smith & Pyle at 10pm (Shawnee Smith from the “Saw” movies and Missi Pyle from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” among others), and awesome punkers Hotel St George at 11pm.  It’ll be downright HAPPY!


Click here to go to the myspace page and RSVP for Wednesdays show!

Click here to go to the myspace page and RSVP for Wednesday's show!

spaceland poster



Yes, in sweep the winds of March and with them come many changes!  The very first email to you with PICTURES (“Ahhh…” you say in awe), the very first monthly email title not with “Sam Shaber” mixed into it, but with “the happy problem” instead (“Oohhhh…” you say, impressed), and the very first show for the happy problem at the edgy, hip, and oh-so-cutting-edge rock club, Spaceland, (“Yaaaaayyyy!” you scream with ECSTASY!)


Just humor me, people.


But seriously, we are very excited to be playing this hallowed and quirky room, complete with alien blue lame tinsel curtain behind the stage and tricky parking outside.  Spaceland is one of those rooms where the odd rock star can be found drinking with friends on a dark night, where actors with bands bring their “A” list pals to cheer on their first live music performances (oh so LA, eh?), and where the bands who on that stage grow from opening acts to headliners, find themselves soon on much bigger stages, from festivals to Conan O’Brien.


Ooooh, Aaahhh, Yaaaay!


Exactly.  And what better night to play said hallowed venue than March 18th?  Aaahhhh–


Um, what’s so great about March 18th, Sam?


What’s so great about March 18th?  What’s so GREAT about March 18th?  Well, March 18th is only the day they celebrate MOTHER’S DAY (okay, in Nigeria).  and March 18th was the day, in New York City in 1922, of the very first public BAT MITZVAH (that’s the girl version, for those “goyem” out there…), AND March 18th was also the day, in 1766, when the British Government repealed the STAMP ACT from us poor, downtrodden little colonies.  I mean, how GREAT is March 18th?!?




March 18th is also the birthday of fab divas QUEEN LATIFAH, VANESSA WILLIAMS, and IRENE CARA!  It’s the birthday of GROVER CLEVELAND, JOHN UPDIKE, and someone named BIRGIT CLARIUS who is listed here on Wikipedia as a “German heptathlete, born in 1965.”  AND it is the birthday of John Kander, composer of classic musicals “Cabaret” and “Chicago,” and one of the ushers at my parents’ wedding in 1969.  They call him “Johnny,” in fact.  And I’m sure if I ever met Mr. Kander, I would call him “Johnny” too. 


But perhaps the most exciting thing about March 18th is that it is also the day, in 1989, that a 4,400-year-old mummy was found in the Pyramid of Cheops.






Okay, I’m definitely having fun with this new picture thing…

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