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Click here to see "Privileged" on the CW!

Click here to see "Privileged" on the CW!

“Cryin’ Shame” by the happy problem was featured this week on the CW drama “Privileged.”  Click the picture to check it out – we’re in the first minute of the show.  And you can watch the full episode at 

But beware… you just might get hooked!




Yes, the happy problem are playing – nay, CELEBRATING – this Wednesday in Los Angeles at the comfy Molly Malone’s pub on South Fairfax.  Why are we celebrating?  Well, after a very successful pair of showcases at the 2009 NAMM Conference last weekend, (National Association of Music Manufacturers), we’ve picked up two big endorsements, with GHS Strings and awesome Rocktron Pedals!  So we want to share the moment with all of you, and as party favors, we’re giving away FREE CDs to the FIRST 20 PEOPLE in the door!  So come on down and party with us this Wednesday, or if you live elsewhere, spread the word to your peeps in La-La-Land.  Tickets are only $6, and an awesome time is guaranteed to all.

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009  11pm
(Yes, get your “disco naps” in that day, folks.)
Molly Malone’s
575 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Price: $6
Come celebrate the happy problem’s success at this years’ NAMM Show! First twenty people in the door get a FREE CD!

And stay tuned for the February posting, where I will discuss the utter absurdity of women’s purses that cost $2875 and look like this:

Sammie say "Whaaa?!??"

Sammie say "Whaaa?!??"

You could feed a VILLAGE in – well, somewhere – for what that indigo vomit costs.  I mean, really people.

Love and see you Wednesday,
Sam & Co.

Ahhh, yes.  Here we are, people.  It’s a new year, and somehow, it feels like a new century, no?  A century finally starting where the real one never did.  A century of triumph and doubt and liberty and poverty and peace and war.  Ahh, yes.

Wait a second, THIS century feels just like the LAST century.  Hey!  No fair!

Sorry.  You’re right.  Except one thing is for sure – CHEAP FOOD STILL ROCKS.

Excuse us? 

Oh yes, bring on war and peace, poverty and affluence, liberty and prison, one thing never changes: the vibrant glow of someone who just found great CHEAP FOOD.

Um, Sam, aren’t you going to tell us something about your new band the happy problem?  Like, promote an upcoming show or something?

Oh, right.  Okay yes, the happy problem is ROCKING my WORLD at the moment, and we are very excited to be  heading soon to Pasadena and Anaheim for some really cool shows!  And you can find out all about us at www.

James, Nick, Sam, Pedro

James, Nick, Sam, Pedro


That’s better, thank you.

Can I talk about cheap food now?

Fine.  Jeez.

All-RIGHT!  Because I have got a DOOZY of a F.O.O.D. column for you this month!  (Is that how you spell “doozy?”  Doozie?  I know it’s not “Dozy” because that would rhyme with “cozy” and that might describe our upcoming show at the Old Towne Pub in Pasadena on January 13th, but it does NOT have anything to do with cheap food.)

listen for the happy problem playing inside...

The Old Towne Pub: listen for the happy problem playing inside...

Please go on.

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